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Long Handled 18" Steel Shoehorn Now Live

For several months now we've been selling our new long metal shoe horn on Amazon and its gotten rave reviews - almost 200 of them with an average 4.9 star rating!

Its been so popular that we chose not to launch it on our website right away as we didn't want to run out of stock!  But good news - we just got a new shipment and now we have plenty, so its now available on as well.  

This 18" shoehorn is made of 100% stainless steel and we specifically made it TWICE the strength (twice the weight and thickness) than most other metal shoehorns on the market to make sure IT WILL NOT BEND.  Hypothetically if it were then we'd happily send you a free replacement, but we've never had to do that!  This thing is SOLID.

Get yours now here:  Long Metal Shoehorn

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