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Its Our Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago today was our first sale ever.  It came through our Amazon store and was for our first product, the original 5-pack collar extenders.  

My how things have changed in only a year!  In this last year we've:

  • Launched 6 more products after our first product (7 total)
  • Launched this website, with online ordering
  • Moved into a larger office to give us room for storage and packing as well as office space
  • Became the most-rated and highest-rated brand of collar extenders on Amazon
  • Started selling internationally in the UK through

What an exciting ride its been!  And it's all been made possible by you, our customers, who understand that paying a few pennies more for a high-quality product is worth it and who have spread the word about our products to your friends, family and coworkers.  Thank you!!!

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