Comfy Clothiers is the top-selling brand of collar extenders online!
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Online Ordering Now Available!

Back in late April of this year we released our first product for sale through  This was our 5-pack of premium metal collar extenders.  

We saw our sales gradually build during the two months, and by three months in we had received "best seller" status in our category on Amazon.  But even more rewarding was the positive feedback we had received.  Our customers really appreciated our collar extenders and were giving us top reviews through Amazon's rating system.

And while we love Amazon and taking advantage of Amazon's Prime program as much as anyone, we felt it was best to give our customers another way to order too, direct on our website.  Why?  Well by selling direct we can control our costs a bit more and pass the savings on to you... and we can also create product bundles or special discounts and coupons that we're just not able to offer on Amazon.  

Also, currently if you buy our products through Amazon the only way to get free shipping is either to be a Prime member (which is not free) or to buy at least $35 of products from Amazon.  But with our own site, we're able to offer FREE SHIPPING on even smaller orders by partnering with the USPS (postal service). 

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