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New Product Launch Special - 80% OFF our new Pants Button Extenders

Hi everyone!  Following the success of our metal collar extenders, we've recently launched a new product - our pants button extenders.  We're celebrating and trying to spread the word by offering a limited-time 80% OFF coupon if you'd like to order a pack of them on Amazon.  They are regularly $12.95 for a 6-pack, but with this coupon you'll pay only $2.59 for the 6-pack.  

We're selling the first batch at a huge loss in order to get the word out, but we're only going to let this promotion run for the next 24 hours or until we sell 100 at this discount, whichever comes first.  So claim yours today before you miss out!  CLICK HERE to get your Amazon coupon code and buy them through

The 80% OFF coupon works for any of the different color variations - black, white, khaki or our "variety pack" which comes with 2 of each color.


Ready to get your new pants extenders at 80% OFF?  Click here for the coupon code and make sure to act right away before it expires!




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