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Lint Rollers

Lint and pet hair? Not anymore.

Lint Rollers

Having pet hair, lint or dust debris on your clothes and furniture can be embarrassing and might not be something you think of all the time. When you notice it, you really wish you would have noticed it earlier!

Reusable lint rollers are a must in any home to quickly remove pet hair and lint debris from your clothes and furniture. At Comfy Clothiers, we believe you should always have a good quality lint roller handy, so our product development team has tested different levels of stickiness and different handles to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

Our lint rollers for clothes come in two unique styles:

  1. Extreme Stick Lint Rollers (5-Pack)
  2. Classic Style Lint Rollers (5-pack)

 Our Extreme Stick Lint rollers for pet hair come with a total of 475-Extra Sticky Sheets (5 rolls/95-sheets per roll) to help you stay lint and dust-free while also helping you remove pet hair and dandruff from your outfit, furniture, cloth automobile interior and other hard to clean surfaces.

The Classic Style lint rollers for clothes and pet hair come with a total of 350-Sticky Sheets (5 rolls/70 sheets per roll) and includes and Easy-Peel design so you do not need to hassle pulling off a used sheet. Quickly peel off the used sticky tape sheet at the cut line to reveal another clean clothes roller sheet below. This dust lint roller will help you remove pet hair from your clothes, clean up debris from your countertops, and safely pick up glass shards from your floor.

Both dust lint roller styles come with five (5) ergonomic handles to allow you to maintain a firm grip while quickly rolling over your clothes removing dog hair and cat hair.

Multiple uses for Lint Rollers:

  • Lint & Debris on Clothes
  • Pet Hair on Furniture
  • Messy Car Interiors
  • Workshop clean up
  • Kitchen messes
  • Keep one at the office!


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