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Comfy Buttons for Jeans (3-Pack)

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Comfy Buttons for Jeans (3-Pack)

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Is your favorite pair of jeans fitting just a bit too snug lately?  Or maybe a few pairs are just a bit tighter than you'd like?  This 3-pack of our "Comfy Jeans" denim waist extenders is the perfect quick fix for you!

Just put the button on your jeans through one of the loops on our the extender, and then put the button from the extender through your jeans loop.  It functions like an extension cord for your jeans.

This product is a premium-quality waist extender for jeans and also works great with denim skirts and shorts too, to ensure an easy fit!

These jeans extenders are sold as a 3-pack with three color varieties - traditional denim, dark-wash denim and black denim.  Each extender is made from 100% cotton and also features a stylish metal button.  They are very discrete too - the color will blend in with your jeans, or hide completely if you wear a belt or have your shirt overhang the waistline.

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