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Elastic Pants Button Extenders (Variety 15-Pack)

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Elastic Pants Button Extenders (Variety 15-Pack)

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Gain an extra 1 or 2 inches in your waist area instantly!

This bundle of 15 elastic pants extenders is based on our popular black elastic waist extenders which have gotten fantastic reviews everywhere we sell them.  This 15-pack contains 5 of the black extenders, plus 5 white and also 5 khaki/tan color extenders as well.  The extenders hide very nice under a belt and are usually completely unnoticeable, but sometimes that peace of mind of being able to match them to the color of your pants, shorts or skirt is still nice to have.

The elastic on these extenders is very strong.  It stretches a bit but not a lot.  That is on purpose.  When designing this product, we found that "normal" elastic that is very stretchy is not strong enough for pants.  It can stretch out of shape.  As such, we sourced a special extra-strong elastic for these extenders.

These extenders are removable - they simply loop right onto your pants or skirt and do not require any sewing.  You can use one extender for many different pairs of pants, but we've found that having a selection of colors and also a number of them is preferable as some customers prefer to leave the extenders on the pants during washing, or from time to time you might lose one.  Buy this bundle pack of 15 extenders in 3 different colors (black, white, khaki) and you'll be all set for a more comfortable wardrobe instantly!

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