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Metal Collar Extender (10-Pack)

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Metal Collar Extender (10-Pack)

$ 9.95 $ 14.99

Product Description:

This is a 10-pack of our popular metal collar extenders.  These collar expanders offer a quick way to get an extra 1/2 to 1 full size of room in the collar area of your dress shirt.  They feature a metal spring loop that keeps your shirt collar securely fastened while still expanding the collar's circumference and making you more comfortable.

Easy to use - these collar extenders take roughly 3-5 seconds to use.  You simply put the loop of the collar extender around your shirt's existing button, and then put the button part through your shirts button slot. Voila!

Discrete - best of all, these collar extenders will hide completely under a tie, so no one will know you are using them but you.

This 10-pack gives you plenty of collar extenders - enabling you to keep a few at the office or in the car, or offering a few backups if you loose one or two.

Want WHITE collar extenders?  We sell those too.  Click here for white collar extenders.


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