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Metal Collar Stays for Shirt Collars (40-Pack)

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Metal Collar Stays for Shirt Collars (40-Pack)

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Tired of the old-school flimsy plastic collar stays? They cause frustration when you're on a time crunch because you either can't find them, or the collar stays you have bend/break from too many washes. The Metal Collar Stays from Comfy Clothiers are sturdy as they keep your collar down and straight, so you can maintain a crisp look.

There are multiple sizes included in this package to cater to your different styled dress shirts.  All 40 of the shirt collar stays fit perfectly in the included Comfy Clothiers hard carry case so you'll never lose them again.

Don't miss a step!  Add these Collar Stays to your cart & purchase now so you can take your mind off the little things that shouldn't matter.

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