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Button Pants Extenders (6-Pack)

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Button Pants Extenders (6-Pack)

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If your favorite pair of pants is feeling just a bit too tight in the waist, then give our pants extenders a try.

Whether you need the extra space after a big meal, or a little shrinkage in the wash these are a simple and quick solution that will ensure you feel more comfortable without having to spend a ton of money buying a new wardrobe!   

These button pants extenders are also quite popular with the ladies as maternity pants extenders to help bridge the gap between "I'm not showing yet" and "okay it's time to start wearing the maternity jeans".

We sell these in a 6-pack. You can choose black (for most dress slacks), khaki/taupe (for khakis, obviously), white or if you are feeling non-committal then try the variety pack that comes with 2 of each color.

Our plastic button pants extenders are made from a highly-durable, "unbreakable" (RIGID) plastic and made right here in the USA. They are a premium-quality waist extender for pants, jeans, khakis or dress slacks.

Please note - RIGID, not Elastic:  These are made of RIGID plastic.  They are NOT elastic or stretchy.  This is because the rigid plastic is stronger and will not break or stretch out of shape, so these should last you a very long time (until you lose them).  If you are looking for elastic pants extenders then please consider our new elastic button extenders (5-pack) that is made of the strongest (not too easy to stretch) elastic we could find!

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