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Silk Face Masks (Wholesale/Bulk 100-pack)

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Silk Face Masks (Wholesale/Bulk 100-pack)

$ 325.00 $ 999.00

Update: Liquidation... BULK ORDERS ONLY

We have only 600 of these silk masks left in stock, total across the 4 colors.  We are no longer taking individual orders now, only bulk orders.  You can purchase 100 masks (whichever color combinations you like) for $325.  Shipping is free anywhere in the continental U.S.  In stock now and ready-to-ship.

Color selection: When you purchase please enter your breakdown of how many of each color you want in the notes field during checkout. Alternatively you can email support@comfyclothiers.com after placing your order to specify.  This is what we currently have in stock:

Black: 259
Pearl: 269
Teal: 58
Silver: 45


Our silk face masks are made from 100% Mulberry Silk and feature a tight-weave, two-layer construction. They feel soft and smooth on your face, and the material helps to keep your face cool while still providing coverage and better filtration than most fabrics. 

These masks also feature adjustable ear loops so you can customize your fit, and the ear loop elastic itself is a soft and forgiving elastic.

Don't wear a polyester that does a poor job of filtering, or a hot and scratchy all cotton mask. Silk has a higher thread count and has been shown to provide better filtration while also feeling softer and more comfortable on your skin.

Ships within 1 business day.  Delivery takes 2-3 business days.  IN STOCK NOW AND READY TO SHIP.

Available in four colors: black, pearl-white, teal and silver.

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