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Thanks for visiting Comfy Clothiers.  We are your source for clothing accessories such as metal collar extenders, pants extenders, shoe horns and more.  We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of looking sharp, so we focus on developing products that have both practical and superior function and also a touch of style.  Check out our product line below:

Shirts Too Tight?  Try Our Collar Extenders!

Our line of collar extenders is the highest quality brand on the market, and features a larger spring loop to give you more room than the Wonder Button or other competing brands.  The 10mm size has been tested on a wide range of dress shirts and proves the ideal size, giving you an extra 1/2 to 3/4 of a size in your dress shirt.  And if you need more room, you can even string together 2 or 3 of our collar extenders in a “daisy chain”.

Our collar extenders are simple to use too, and take less than 5 seconds to attach.  You just loop the spring around your existing button to attach it much like an extension cord.  Then you take the button part and slide it through your button hole in your shirt collar like you would normally.  If you are wearing a tie, just tie it as you normally would and it will cover up your collar extender completely to hide it. If you are looking for quality button extenders, look no further!

Other Products to Make Looking Sharp Feel More Comfortable

Oh, and we've got a great selection of pants extenders too!  And don't forget our long-handle shoehorns or new shirt stays either!