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Clothing Hacks from Comfy Clothiers


Thanks for visiting Comfy Clothiers. Our mission is to help you look sharp and feel great. We do this by developing clothing accessory items such as collar extenders, waist extenders, shirt stays, shoe horns and more.

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of looking great, so we focus on developing products that have both practical and superior function and also a touch of style.

Collar Extenders give you extra room in the collar of your shirt, so you can breathe easier and focus better.
Shirt Stays keep your shirt tucked in neatly, so you always look sharp and professional.
Collar Stays provide a crisp, sharp collar that doesn't sag or roll.
Shoe Horns to protect your shoes and slide them on easily, with a touch of class.
Waist Extenders come to the rescue when you're in between sizes or need to shed a few holiday pounds.
Lint Rollers keep the dog hair and dust away.
Sweater Combs bring new life to your favorite sweaters.