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Buying Comfy Clothiers products on Amazon vs. our website

Comfy Clothiers started in 2015 with our first product, a 5-pack of metal collar extenders. As a small brand, we didn't have a huge marketing budget and so we decided to sell through the Amazon Marketplace as it provided a way to get our products in front of customers in an efficient way. Over the years our product line has grown. And eventually we set up a shopping cart so that customers could also purchase on our website (this site, you're on it!).  But as of March 2021, we decided to stop taking orders through our website. Why? Well its...

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Comfy Pants Bundles Now Available

We've recently launched our new "Comfy Pants Bundle" which is our best value yet - you get a total of 13 pants extenders in a variety of colors.   This pack is a bundle of 3 types of pants extender products, our Comfy Buttons - which work great on button-style slacks or khakis, our Comfy Hooks - which are also for slacks and khakis but this time accommodate the "hook and bar" fastener style, and lastly our Comfy Buttons for Jeans which are 100% cotton denim and come in three colors to help give an extra inch of room in...

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Long Handled 18" Steel Shoehorn Now Live

For several months now we've been selling our new long metal shoe horn on Amazon and its gotten rave reviews - almost 200 of them with an average 4.9 star rating! Its been so popular that we chose not to launch it on our website right away as we didn't want to run out of stock!  But good news - we just got a new shipment and now we have plenty, so its now available on as well.   This 18" shoehorn is made of 100% stainless steel and we specifically made it TWICE the strength (twice the weight...

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Its Our Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago today was our first sale ever.  It came through our Amazon store and was for our first product, the original 5-pack collar extenders.   My how things have changed in only a year!  In this last year we've: Launched 6 more products after our first product (7 total) Launched this website, with online ordering Moved into a larger office to give us room for storage and packing as well as office space Became the most-rated and highest-rated brand of collar extenders on Amazon Started selling internationally in the UK through What an exciting ride...

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New Style: WHITE Button Collar Extenders

Our original metal collar extenders have been so popular that we have decided to offer another style option.  This new design has the same overall function - with an elastic string inside the spring loop and a larger loop that competing brands - but the middle of the buttons are white in color rather than the metallic color of the original design.  Check them out here!  

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