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Waist Extenders

Shrinking pants? Here's a hack.

Waist ExtendersLooking to buy a waist button extender online?  At Comfy Clothiers we offer a number of different solutions, including versatile rigid/durable plastic button pants extenders in a range of different colors and also durable "unbreakable" plastic hook and bar pants extenders.  These are both versatile and hide nicely under your belt.

Not wearing a belt?  Or want something that blends in perfectly and is completely unnoticeable?  If so then try our fabric-based cloth pants extenders for button pants, for hook and bar pants and denim pants extenders for jeans.  They come in a multi-pack with different colors to match the various pants and slacks in your wardrobe.

Waist extenders for pants come in a variety of styles and functions.  Most notably are two primary styles - plastic "universal" extenders and a fabric "color match" type extenders.  

The plastic pants button extender come in either "hook and bar" fastener types which are most common for dress slacks, or "button" style which fit most pants including khakis, jeans, etc.  The plastic button extenders come in three color options:  black, khaki and white.

The fabric style waistband extenders are made of 100% cotton and are designed to match your pants by color.  We offer a 3-pack of denim style jeans extenders (3 colors) and then 5-packs for both "hook and eye" pants and button-style pants, with colors to match your black and charcoal slacks, brown/gray pants, khakis, etc.

The 5-pack of black elastic button extenders is our newest product and was developed with the strongest elastic we could find, based on the input of our customers who wanted a superior elastic pant extender to what was previously on the market from other brands.  We then also made two color variations of this product (white and khaki) for our new 15-pack elastic button extenders.