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Shirt Stays

Shirts stay tucked in. All day long.

Shirt Stays

Check out our collection of shirt stays to keep your dress shirt looking crisp and neatly tucked-in all day long.  We have three different styles of shirt stays:

Y-Style:  the traditional style that is most popular with military and police.  They offer great utility in holding in your shirt and also keep your socks up too, as they anchor at the top of your socks.

Loop Style:  an alternative to the Y-style which has a foot loop (stirrup) that anchors the stay on your feet rather than the sock, and then has two attachments per stay (four total) to hold your shirt in place.  Our most popular style.

Garter Style:  these anchor around your thighs and feature three uprights per side for six total. They are a great option for wearing shorts (a favorite among sports refs) or if you don't want a full-length shirt stay.

New "Comfy Deluxe" Line Available

Our line of shirt stays has been very popular over the years and offered great value.  But as we realize there are some "power users" of shirt stays (i.e. every day usage) we have developed a higher-end version of each of our styles under the "Comfy Deluxe" name.  This line features softer-feel elastic and engraved clasps.  These are also MADE IN THE USA as well.


> Loop Style

> Garter Style

Who wears shirt stays?

Our shirt stays (AKA "shirt garters", "shirt keepers", "shirt holders" or "shirt straps") are very popular who anyone who wears a dress shirt for work, often as part of a uniform.  This includes military personnel including ROTC/JROTC and cadets, law enforcement officers, emergency first responders, doctors and medical professionals and even many busy professionals in the corporate world.  They keep shirts tucked in all day long without having to worry about it.

Why use shirt stays? 

If you value having a clean, professional appearance while working then keeping your shirt neatly tucked in is a must.  When your shirt comes partially untucked it just looks sloppy, and can send the impression that you don't care about details, appearances or making a good impression.  But if you are an active person then constantly tucking in your shirt can be a real annoyance or perhaps not always possible while you are working. 

For this reason, many men and women turn to Comfy Clothiers' shirt stays to help keep shirts tucked in - they provide a constant tension on the shirt so that it does not come untucked when moving, twisting, bending over, etc.  And they are made of a soft elastic so they are comfortable too.  Function and Comfort.  That's what Comfy Clothiers is all about.

Our shirt stays are all adjustable so they will fit almost any sized person, and they are made with elastic to ensure a snug yet comfortable and forgiving fit.  Best of all, you can buy shirt stays online simply by clicking on one of the styles on the left side of this page and then clicking the "add to cart" button.  We'll ship them directly to your door based on your choice of available shipping options.