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Shoe Horns

The saying "put your money in your feet" has a lot of wisdom in it.  After all, your feet are the foundation of your body.  The bear the greatest load and put you in position for success.  For this reason, Comfy Clothiers is proud to offer our line of top-quality footwear and shoe accessories.

Every product that carries the Comfy Clothiers brand name is designed to be of the highest quality.  We don't accept "second best" here.  Take our popular long-handled shoe horn for example.  Before we developed this product we saw how consumers were frustrated with cheap shoe horns that would bend (when metal) or break (when plastic).  We bought every competing product on the market and tested them.  Then we made our shoe horn twice the thickness and twice the strength.  Does it cost a little more to manufacture?  Absolutely.  Heck, you should see how much we pay when shipping these from our factory to our distribution center!  But we think its worth it.  Your feet are worth it.  You are worth it.