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Extra, Extra Long Metal Shoe Horn - 31 inches, 100% Stainless Steel

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Extra, Extra Long Metal Shoe Horn - 31 inches, 100% Stainless Steel

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The "Extra, Extra" long metal shoehorn is our absolute longest shoehorn - we promise!  Its so long, you can help your neighbor put on his shoes without leaving your house!  Okay we kid a bit there, but seriously this is one long, strong, heavy-duty shoehorn. 

This shoehorn measures approximately 31-inches long and should be just fine for just about any height person to help with putting on your shoes while standing.

Common uses:

  • Shoe Horn for Boots: This product is a great help when it comes to putting on boots! Whether its fitted women's leather boots, cowboy boots or work boots, this long-handled shoehorn does a great job and helps you slip on your footwear with ease.
  • Shoe Horn for Elderly: Seniors also love this product as it enables them to put on their shoes from a standing position, saving them from pain in the hips, knees or lower back that can be associated with taking a stooping position when putting on their shoes.

If you are choosing between this version and our 23-inch version, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your height:  Both are great options, but those who are quite tall will prefer the 31-inch, whereas the 23-inch is designed more for "average height" individuals.
  • Your strength:  A longer shoehorn means more steel, and this 31-inch shoehorn is not light!  It weighs just under 1 pound (approximately 0.9 pounds or 400 grams) but given its long length it typically feels longer.  For most people its fine, but if you are buying for the elderly you might opt for one size smaller like the 23-inch version.
  • Standing or sitting?  The 31-inch is generally too long to use comfortably while sitting.  If you prefer to use while sitting then the 23-inch or 18-inch are better options.  Or our 6-inch if you prefer a normal, small shoe horn.

This is a high quality product made from 100% stainless steel that is cut, shaped and then hand-polished.  It features a comfortable hook on the end as well as a hole you can use to hand the shoehorn from a wall.  It also has the Comfy Clothiers logo tastefully embossed on the handle.


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