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Buying Comfy Clothiers products on Amazon vs. our website

Comfy Clothiers started in 2015 with our first product, a 5-pack of metal collar extenders. As a small brand, we didn't have a huge marketing budget and so we decided to sell through the Amazon Marketplace as it provided a way to get our products in front of customers in an efficient way.

Over the years our product line has grown. And eventually we set up a shopping cart so that customers could also purchase on our website (this site, you're on it!). 

But as of March 2021, we decided to stop taking orders through our website.

Why? Well its a bit involved, but essentially it boils down to simply that Amazon can get you the product more quickly and reliably than we can.

Amazon has our products in many different warehouses throughout the US, which means the shipping cost is less and the shipping speed is much faster than we could deliver from our one warehouse in the southeast US.

So to put it simply, we think its better for our customers to buy our products through Amazon than through our website. And to be frank, that's already what roughly 98% have been doing!

You should know this too... when you buy a Comfy Clothiers product through the Amazon Marketplace, you are still buying it "from" our company.  Amazon doesn't own the inventory and re-sell it, but rather they act as the marketplace or facilitator of the sale (kind of like e-Bay).

The order comes into our seller account with Amazon and, after fees, comes through to our company account.  So while Amazon does take a cut, you are still very much supporting our small business and in fact the vast majority of our business actually comes to us through Amazon.

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