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Y-Style Shirt Stays

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Y-Style Shirt Stays

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Our classic Y-style shirt stays are a wardrobe staple for many working professionals and are widely popular with military personnel, police officers, emergency responders and really just about anyone who has an active job in which they also want to maintain a crisp, professional appearance.  Don't let your shirt come untucked and look sloppy or baggy.  Our Y-style shirt stays will keep that shirt tucked in and in place all day long.

These shirt stays (AKA "shirt garters" or "shirt straps") are sold as a pair, one for each leg.  The bottom clip attaches to your sock and thus has an added benefit of keeping your socks up (like "sock suspenders") while the two top clips hold your shirt in the front and back.  Multiply that times two stays and your shirt will be held in four different spots.

The clips we use are strong enough to hold your shirt tightly, while still gentle enough to protect the material.

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