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Loop Style Shirt Stays

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Loop Style Shirt Stays

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This is a pack of stirrup style (foot loop) shirt stays that will help keep your dress shirt tucked in nice and neat for a clean, professional appearance.  

Also called "shirt garters" or "shirt straps", these stays work by keeping downward tension on the bottom tail of your shirt, from four points around the perimeter.  The four points have clamps that will hold (but not hurt) your shirt, and the other end of each stay has a foot loop (stirrup) that goes around your foot.

These loop shirt stays are popular with anyone who needs to have a professional appearance while also being active - military, police officers and busy working professionals.  The clips on the end have a strong, tight hold to keep your shirt tucked in all day long.

This product is sold with 1 pair of stays (2 stays, one for each leg) per pack.  They are elastic and adjustable and comfortably fit anyone between about 5' and 6'7" tall.

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