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Hi Comfy Clothiers,

Actually, this is the second set of collar extenders I purchased from you, which should tell you how popular they are in this family!  My husband and two grown sons do not have to wear dress shirts and ties for work.  Therefore, the dress shirts stay in the closet awaiting an occasion, like a wedding.  Sometimes when the shirts are donned, the collars don't quite close as they once had. This results in starting what should be a pleasant evening with well-dressed but uncomfortable (and therefore grouchy) men.  Not fun!

So, I searched Amazon and found these collar extenders.  They work like a charm!  Everyone is comfortable and happy and looks great.  Thanks for a great product!


Katherine F.


Thanks guys for your email.

I have not personally tried the product but I have little concern for the quality. Your product was recommended to me by two executives at work who have spent many a year testing virtually every product when it comes to menswear. We all wear suits and ties every day and they both recommended I buy your product when I complained about some new shirts being a bit snug.

When I logged onto Amazon they both identified your product as the best. In fact, one of the two packs I ordered was for one of the guys who had misplace a couple of his.

I will make sure I email you again should I encounter any issues to give you a chance to resolve before leaving feedback on Amazon, although I doubt this will be necessary.

I do want to say I find it refreshing that you take the time to read each email personally to ensure satisfaction in a time when cheap products rule the market.

With that I will wrap up this email and let you get back to work. 


Sean H.


Comfy Clothiers Team,

They arrived a few days ago. There were no issues with shipping  and I was overall very pleased with the buying/shipping experience. 

I go to a military college where we are authorized a blazer uniform with a button down shirt, tie, and pants for general and special leave, rather than wearing the prescribed leave uniform that is generally our seasonal dress uniform. The issue was that the shirt they provide came in varieties and sizes that were either too wide around the torso for my smaller build, or the ones that fit around my torso have too tight of collars by about an inch.

I ordered and installed your product on my two shirts I posses for that uniform and it has fit absolutely perfectly since then! I also gave the other three away to friends who were having the exact sizing issues. I am very impressed with how well they work out, as it was my roommate who originally recommended them as a solution. 

In summing, the devices are excellent and fit the needs of several of us here at <school name removed>. I appreciate your time thus far and will definitely recommend this product to others who I'm sure will be having similar problems!

Very Respectfully,

William P.