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Comfy Deluxe Elastic Black Collar Extenders (3-Pack)

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Comfy Deluxe Elastic Black Collar Extenders (3-Pack)

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Introducing the Comfy Deluxe Elastic Collar Extenders made by Comfy Clothiers! These top-quality elastic neck extenders give you extra breathing room in the collar of your favorite dress shirts. The elastic loop keeps you looking sharp but also comfortable. Our best shirt extenders hide neatly under your neck tie, yet also blends in as a normal button in its appearance. Once you try these, you'll never "just deal with" a tight collar again! Look good and feel even better with these dress shirt button extenders by Comfy Clothiers. What is Included with your Purchase? You get three (3) black collar extenders with your order that will loop around all standard size shirt buttons. Patented in U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe and other countries by Gloria International Inc.

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